CERVIVA investigators present their research findings at HPV 2015 in Portugal

The 30th International Papillomavirus Conference (HPV 2015) takes place in Lisbon, Portugal from September 17-21. The conference focuses on HPV (human papillomavirus) which is a known cause of cervical cancer and is also implemented in other diseases (e.g. head and neck cancers). The event brings together clinicians, other health professionals and researchers to share knowledge and debate topics related to HPV.

Two CERVIVA researchers, Dr Christine White and Dr Mairead O’Connor, will be attending the conference and presenting important findings from some of the CERVIVA research studies.

Dr White will have a poster presentation entitled: “Triage options for HPV positive women in a primary screening population”. This research is from the HPV Primary Screening Pilot Study which aims to explore the use of HPV testing as a first-line cervical screening method (i.e. instead of regular cervical cytology tests or smear tests) in the national cervical screening programme (CervicalCheck).

Dr O’Connor will have two poster presentations at the conference. The posters are based on the findings from studies conducted in the first phase of CERVIVA which explored the potential psychological impact of HPV testing on women. The first poster is entitled: “Women’s emotional responses and information needs after having an HPV test after treatment for abnormal cervical cytology: a qualitative study”. The second poster is entitled: “Women’s anticipated negative emotional reactions to testing HPV positive: results from a national population survey in Ireland”.

The findings from these studies will be used to help inform policy makers on the best options for implementing primary HPV testing into CervicalCheck. HPV 2015 will also run a number of clinical and public health workshops with world-renowned experts in HPV giving a series of talks. More information on the conference can be found here.