CERVIVA joins the HPV Vaccination Alliance

The HPV Vaccination Alliance is a group of organisations that have come together to sign a contract against cancer, specifically HPV-related cancers. CERVIVA are delighted to be a committed member of the Alliance.

Recent media coverage shows a fall-off in uptake of the HPV vaccine, which is offered to first-year second level school girls each year. The vaccine protects against strains of the HPV virus which cause seven in ten of all cases of cervical cancer, as well as a number of other cancers that affect men and women.
The HPV Vaccination Alliance has been set up ahead of the new school year and will see organisations from the health, children’s and women’s sectors come together to encourage everyone to look at the facts surrounding this life-saving vaccine.

The Alliance:
ENDORSES the HPV vaccine as a proven and safe way to protect from cancers which can destroy and end lives.
REALISES its obligation to do all we can to protect health and wellbeing by ensuring the facts prevail when it comes to the HPV vaccine.
PLEDGES to raise awareness of the HPV vaccine and its benefits in stopping cancer and saving lives.

The ability to spare our country’s children and adults the devastation of a cancer diagnosis is a reality. The Alliance believes it has a duty to act urgently to prevent future hardship and save lives. 

The Alliance includes: Association of Medical Student’s Ireland, Barnardos, Boots, Cancer Information and Support Centre Limerick, Cancer Trials Ireland, CERVIVA, Children’s Rights Alliance, Cuan Cancer Social Support and Wellness Group, Cuisle Cancer Support Centre, Dublin Well Woman Centre, European Institute for Women’s Health, Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre, Irish Cancer Society, Irish College of General Practitioners, Irish Dental Association, Irish Family Planning Association, Irish Patients’ Association, Irish Pharmacy Union, Irish Medical Organisation, IPPOSI, Irish Science Teachers Association, Marie Keating Foundation, Men Against Cancer, Men’s Health Forum in Ireland, National Cancer Control Programme, National Screening Service, NUI Galway – College of Medicine, Nursing and Health, National Women’s Council of Ireland, Purple House Cancer Support, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Spun Out, University College Dublin Virus Reference Laboratory and the Union of Students in Ireland.

For further information on HPV see www.hpv.ie. More details about the Alliance are available on www.hpvalliance.ie.