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Pearl of wisdom - cervical cancer

Health psychology examines the role of psychological factors in the cause, progression and consequences of health and illness. The aims of health psychology can be categorised into (1) understanding, explaining, developing and testing theory, and (2) putting this theory into practice. CERVIVA is using health psychology to help understand women’s knowledge of, and attitudes towards, cervical screening and HPV. We are also using health psychology to investigate the psychological impact of cervical screening and follow-up of abnormal cervical cytology. The ultimate aim of this research is to improve cervical screening experiences for women.

What influences cervical screening uptake in older women and how can screening programmes translate this knowledge into behaviour changing strategies? A qualitative and quantitative research project


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Achieving high cervical screening coverage is important both for the population and individual women. However older women in Ireland are less likely to engage with cervical screening. The aims of the project are (i) to understand non-participation in cervical cancer screening among older women and (ii) to explore women’s present level of understanding of cervical screening in Ireland.


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